Is MacGyver-esque travel swag for you?

With a stylish design and 15 built-in gadgets, the self-proclaimed “World’s Best Travel Jacket” is fashion-forward thinking and hoping to make flying in the future more convenient. Clothing brand BauBax launched a Kickstarter campaign on July 7 for what can only be described as the Swiss Army knife of jackets, with 15 built-in features for travellers. The project has raised almost $1.1 million, nearly 55 times the company’s original goal of $20,000.

From sweatshirts to blazers, the jacket comes in a variety of colours and styles, it looks like an ordinary piece of clothing at first glance. Cold? Gloves are sewn into the sleeves. Tired? Inflate the hidden neck pillow in two seconds. Thirsty? Built-in cup holder.

Now that’s some MacGyver-esque travel swag for you, fellow travellers.

Wishin’ you happy and safe travels!



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