Let it ride in Korea

SnowboardingA road trip to ‘Ski and Snowboard Mecca’ at Yongpyong Resort, about 200km from Seoul, sounded like a good idea the night before. Stumbling into the shower, I threw the essentials into my backpack. We headed outside the City with the sun shining looking out at endless beaches on the right and mountains on the left until we arrived at our destination Kyongju, the capital of the Shilla Kingdom for over 1,000 years. The whole city is a wide open museum made up of thousands of historical sights of Buddhist temples, shrines and remains of palaces and castles. Designated one of the world’s cultural heriatage sites by UNESCO in 1995. We dropped our backpacks at a traditonal Korean hut called Sa Rang Chae Guesthouse. A calm abode for the weary traveller, surrounded by ancient stones and wild nature, complete with a Bob Marley lounge and scribbles all over the walls by people from all over the world. Staying there was just like camp, except with less rules. Mr. Choo, the owner entertained us with magic tricks and a few shots of Soju later, got out his wedding pictures. Korean people have such warm hearts. Who says you can’t snowboard in Asia?! Still having a hard time with chopstix but I’ll get the hang of it.

Stay Healthy and Have Fun!

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