Travel Tips for Asia

AsiaMost hotels and hospitals don’t have fourth floors in Asia. The ‘unlucky’ number four, because translated, depending on where you are, sounds like the word for death. In homes and yeogwans (cheap hotels found throughout) try not wear your shoes into the room. When saying goodbye or thanks, it’s polite to bow, depending on the status of the person. Children are one year old when they are born and gain another year by lunar new year, meaning a baby born in January may be two years old by February! Blowing your nose in public is considered rude behaviour, which can be a problem after eating a plate of spicy food. Try not to leave your chopsticks pointing down into the bowl, place them across the top of the bowl or on the table, lest you offend anyone, leaving chopsticks sticking vertically into the bowl is a bad sign. There’s no last call in Asia. Don’t leave your passport at home.
Safe & Happy Travels!

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